General conditions and terms of sale

  • Art.  1.   All invoices shall be paid at the registered company office headquarters in Ghent.
  • Art.  2.   Unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing, all invoices shall be paid in cash.
  • Art.  3.   In the event that an invoice is not paid on the agreed settlement date, it will, by operation of law, be augmented with a 12% interest rate per year, starting on the settlement date. This interest rate cannot be less than the interest rate originally calculated in accordance with the Law of August 2nd 2002 on the Fight against Arrears of Payment in Commercial Transactions. If, upon fifteen days after serving notice to the debtor by registered mail, this debtor should still be in default, the amount of the debt collection will, by operation of law, be augmented with 10% of the unpaid amounts, with a minimum fixed compensation of 50 Euros, without prejudice to the seller’s right to claim compensation for the actual damages suffered, including all costs of collection of any kind.
  • Art.  4.   Any dispute that may arise shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Ghent.